Environment Variables


Hyperlane provides a list of read-only environment variables that are needed to configure the connection to the database. Next to this predefined list, you can configure your own values, unique per environment. The tab Variables on the detail page is the place to be to set it all up. The variables are sorted so that first the read-only variables are shown. Below that, the editable and your custom variables are displayed. Screenshot

Why use it?

An alternative that is often used, is the .env file. This is usually only used on local development environments and is kept out of source control. The downside of using a file to control the variables, is that the webserver will perform a disk I/O on every single request. In Hyperlane on the other hand, the environment variables are injected into the webserver.


.env files can co-exist with environment variables on the webserver level. Be aware of the fact that variables defined in the .env file will not overwrite any existing variables that have been set.